Parliament - Cigarettes for leaders

Parliament is a cigarette brand manufactured by the famous “Altria”, or Philip Morris Tobacco Company. This tobacco brand's quality doesn't need any advertising because the fineness of Parliament cigarettes is commonly known. The cigs, known among young smokers as “Parlies” or “Parliess lights” have a strong and sharp flavor, partly due to a unique recessed filter. This delivers an incredible taste and light aroma. This brand of cigarettes is best known for its distinctive filter, which is recessed paper, as opposed to the foam filter, found on other brands. This filter not only makes these cigarettes more environmentally pleasant since the paper is better than the foam they are also healthier for the smoker themselves.
The producer “Altria” doesn’t answer the question “Why was the recessed filter introduced particularly with Parliament cigarettes"?. Their reason is short: “it’s a Parliament brand's secret”. So, the result given by “Parliament” cigarettes can be exemplified only by real smoking specialists: Parliament cigarette is a satisfaction that is felt till the last inhalation; the filter doesn’t get wet, so the smoke has a light taste; the smoke mixed with air has an unusual savor.
Often characterized by their sharp flavor, Parliaments have also earned themselves some different nicknames among smokers. "P-Funks" and "P-Lights" are two popular nicknames for the full flavored cigarettes, and the light flavored cigarettes. "P-Funks" stems from a well-liked funk band called "Parliament Funkadelic" or "P-Funks". Other well-liked nicknames for this brand of cigarettes include "Parlies" and "Parlie Lights". The smokers who choose Parliament as their trademark of choice have a fondness for them that shows in the nicknames they have given to the Parliament cigarettes.
Parliament cigarettes come in more varieties besides full flavored and lights. Some of the diverse varieties include:
Parliament Super Slims
Parliament Menthol
Parliament Extra Lights
Most every type of Parliament cigarettes also include menthol varieties.
Although they are manufactured in Europe, this tobacco brand is well known and sold on the Russian market. Parliament holds the first place among premium brands on the Russian tobacco market. Parliament cigarettes were the first brand sold outside the United States, which became famous in a night. It is one of the most demanded cigarette brands in Japan, Turkey, Israel, Argentina and other big countries.
Throughout the rest of the European market, Parliament cigarettes are not well known, thus, causing reputation in these areas to be low. To try to bring up popularity, Philip Morris opted to launch a small, but very focused, ad campaign to spread the word of these great cigarettes. He was concerned that a larger promotion may take a negative toll on the image of premium brand cigarettes and in turn cost him more money than he was hoping to make because of the campaign.
The name of the cigarette brand - “Parliament” - has its own meaning.
It is inspired by governors, leaders, who are strong and confident. A Parliament cigarette offers smokers an experience that has no analogues in comparison with other tobacco brands that already exist.

Parliament cigarette brand is a kind of phenomenon of the Russian market, because their sales reach 15% in Russia in comparison with 3.5% on American market from the entire Philip Morris production. Initially, Parliament cigarettes were the first distributed outside the USA, they were popular only in Japan, Argentina, Israel, Turkey and Russia till recently. On the other European Markets they were not well-known up to Philip Morris had launched a small but focused ad campaign.

Today, Parliament cigarettes are popular all around the world, including the United States of America. Not only do smokers enjoy the unique taste of this brand of cigarette, but the unique filters also draw attention. In addition, the low price of Parliament cigarettes cannot be beat in complaisant of the more popular brands.

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