Philip Morris USA makes Marlboro, Virginia Slims Parliament for American consumers

ALTRIA Group reported that the spin off its international tobacco business, freeing him to pursue a sale of cigarettes in the United States. The separation can protect the business, Philip Morris International, based in Lausanne, from the American legal and regulatory issues. Definite article international unit makes Marlboro, L & M and Bond Street cigarettes, Philip Morris USA makes Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Parliament and cigarettes Major brands of cigarettes for American consumers. After the completion of the parallel ALTRIA, which is based in New York, will consist mainly of his domestic cigarette business, Philip Morris USA, and 28.6 per cent stake in London beer company SABMiller, which makes Miller Genuine Draft, Pilsner Urquell and Snow. ALTRIA plans to complete its Park Avenue office and move to Richmond, Va., where Philip Morris USA is based.

An exclusive version of cigarettes Parliament

The company Philip Morris arrived in the Russian market an exclusive version of a family of cigarettes parliament Reserve. A new type of cigarette will be distributed only on request. Experts believe that with the correct positioning of Parliament Reserve will be successful.

Cigarettes will be issued in a new format in the form of packaging portsigara recommended price of 200 rubles. per pack. Sales of new Series will not be limited in time, but it will be a limited edition: a customer may order from one to three blocks of Parliament Reserve. Book new cigarettes could be only through distributors, "Mercury" and only in Moscow. "The order will be delivered to the house, which will also emphasize core values of the brand: exclusivity, modernity and high quality - a series designed for affluent consumers who appreciate it.

Remember Philip Morris had already ran two series of limited edition in the past New Year's holidays - one for cigarettes Marlboro and Parliament cigarettes.

Limited series of Marlboro had a stack of silver, which opened in the side, like lighters, as well as bonus Cigarettes Parliament changed the color Blue metallic pack. But unlike Parliament Reserve, the two series can be purchased at retail prices, as well as restaurants: Marlboro - at the BP gas station and about 200 seats HoReCa, Parliament Cigarettes - in expensive restaurants.